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Camera opskura i Beleške o zagonetnom životu

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About – Camera opskura

Here, people spend their youth in dissatisfaction, their middle age in despair and frustration, and their old age in dullness and indifference. From now on, everyone will spend their lives in dullness – but cheerfully! The world will be colorful and fairy-tale like from a picture book, and human emotions will know only the most primitive forms.


About – Beleške o zagonetnom životu

In the East, everything is already Western. It is already the eastern West, that is, the eastern version of the West. These are the last decades of the East in the cultural and ordinary sense. And why is that so? Why is the East so deeply impressed by the West? Why is he imitating him so obsessively? Believe me, it’s a very trivial thing in the middle, Western arrogance.


Ivan Bogojević

About the author

I am often asked what writing means to me

My response is that writing is a mischief of the spirit that will preserve our tiny sliver of time for eternity and that only dilettantes write using their everyday vocabulary. I appreciate a well-polished sentence since it best uncovers the reality in which we so joyfully exist.

Since “all that shines – does so by the grace of the Sun” and since nothing in literature is self-evident, but needs to be expressed, with your permission, I will take you to a place that will give you the strength to create your own morals and codes, always bearing in mind the wisdom of the ancestors and constantly yearning for the respect of descendants.


O jeziku romana „Kamera opskura”

Observations about the author’s word choices – about my impressions when I first read the work – as the copy-editor of the “Camera obscura” novel.
A garden.
That was my first impression.
A living garden – with a variety of words nurtured to grow and scent, or to stand firm, or
to defend worthily with thorns, or to sweeten the spirit with long-awaited fruit.
A garden with a personal stamp.
The precision in the weaving of the narrative allowed me, most often, to pause in reading
with quiet joy – to absorb the image or to ponder.
I am grateful that my reader’s mind had the opportunity to dance with this novel.

Nataša Radulović Belobabić, copyeditor

Camera opskura

If religion, morality, ethics and written laws have always acted as a man’s backbone, undergoing
re-evaluation with each new epoch, then we can rightly ask what is happening with that backbone today,
when it is overshadowed by our need for hedonism without cover. This novel offers some possible
answers to that question.

Igor Suhanek
Beleške o zagonetnom životu

An excitingly told story that has several levels – criminal, psychological, philosophical and religious, and which branches off in several directions – personal and collective. A picture of a presumed and possible man of the modern era, but also of an individual middle-aged man. Questions of the relationship between youth and adulthood, the relationship with historical heritage, homeland, climate, language and customs. Spatial transversal in the relationship Central Europe – Balkans – Mediterranean. Quite enough to read and enjoy! Recommendation!

Igor Suhanek

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